12U Nationals Team

The 2019 9U National Champions are aging up! The team, formed in 2019, competed for the first time at Nationals in Rockford, playing with heart and joy.

Come join the girls in Aberdeen, MD for 2021 Nationals! We are seeking players to round out our roster. Contact us to join the team!


14U Nationals Team

The 2018 11U National Champions and 2019 11U National Silver Medalists have a reputation for fun and excellence, and deservedly so. Aging up to 14U in 2021, the spirit in their dugout is remarkable, and the girls play with joy, skill, and exuberance. We're currently seeking players to join the girls at 2021 Nationals in Aberdeen, Maryland. Contact us to join the team!

16U Nationals Team

The 2018 13U National Bronze Medalists are bursting with talent and camaraderie. Their grace both in victory and defeat and their friendliness on and off the ballfield earned them the 2018 sportsmanship award.


Aging up to 16U, the team is seeking new members to fill their roster for 2021 Nationals.


19U Nationals Team

In 2019, an incredible group of young women from across the country–from California to Alaska to Tennessee–came together in Rockford to form the 18U Monarchs and took home underdog gold. They formed a tight bond and will be back at 2021 Nationals in Aberdeen, MD. Let us know if you are interested in joining the team!